Touch A Life

The Association of APANICAL has an approximate monthly expense of $33,000 USD to maintain its function, of which $25,000 USD alone is spent on medicine and treatments.

"Thank-You! Because your love is my HOPE for LIFE."

Given the increasingly hostile environment and unemployment of Mexico among other things, APANICAL has been forced to increase its efforts and surpass frontiers to obtain the help needed to meet all expenses and sustain the treatment needed for the kids. Your donations are CRUCIAL to keeping our mission alive.

(Sorry, no english subtitles. Some scenes may be disturbing.)

There are more ways to help than just monetary donations. Apanical has specific needs in the way of medical supplies, medicines, personal items, and volunteers.

We greatly appreciate your help, whatever your opportunity to give. And the children and their families given a chance at recovery appreciate it all the more!

We hope and pray that you will see fit to donate.

Monetary Donations:

To donate, please contact Claudia Villa:

(656) 613-08-60

Or you may donate by Mail:

Ejercito Nacional #6325
Space # 206, 2nd Floor
Cd. Juarez, Chih, Mx 32575

Other Means of Donation: